How to get the women of your dreams

How to get the woman of your dreams. Part 4: How to up your text game.

❗Please read my pervious post for this post to make a little more sense.

Okay sometimes when you get the number the girl FLAKES. This means that she does not respond or she stops showing interest and she does not want to go out on a date etc. The best thing to do in these situation is just move on. If you have sent her a few texts and she does not respond, do not message again just out of self respect and the fact she is just not interested anymore.

Let me explain.

In order to get the girl you have just met to go out on a date you must not text her like crazy asking multiple times when she wants to meet up. When texting her match and mirror the way she sends you a text. If she sends a long text really match that as it shows she’s interested in getting to know you more. That means you have approached correctly. Also if she is sending you short texts you should also send her short texts. This encourages them to make more of an effort.

These examples are all from personal experience and trial and error.

Here is an example of a badly written text:

(Me) “Hey how are you

(Her) “I am good how are you?”

(Me) “I am good thank you for asking. What’s your plans for this Friday? I was thinking may be we could go out.”

(Her)“Oh okay that’s good and hmm I will have to let you know I might be busy this week.”

(Me) “Okay no worries I mean I am free for the weekend so let me know if you want to get a drink or some dinner. It would be good to get to know you.”

(Her) “Okayyy”

As you can see the conversation is just dead after that. When you speak to her you need to relight the connection you had when you first approached her. Remember she still does not know you that well so it’s good to have a conversation before getting into meeting her. Sometimes being direct is a good thing but that really matters on how you ended the conversation with her when you first approached her.

As you can see from the example when you are direct like this it turns the conversation in to a dead end it makes her feel the only reason you messages her was to get something from her and it is off-putting. In addition, in the example you do not want to over invest in the text remember match her text.

Example of a good text:

(Me) “Hey Anna how’s your deadlines coming along? Also I’ve seen this new art piece which they added the NH museum I know this your field haha”

(Her)“Heyyy Deadline are coming along fine but stressful. OHH Yess I heard about this I’ve seen pictures online but they say its much better to check it out in person . How are you btw?”

(Me) “I am good just busy with life. That’s good to hear I bet you can’t wait to submit your work haha and get your final year done with. Yh, I heard the colours move as you move.”

(Her) “Yh don’t worry weekend is around the corner now wahoo omg I can’t wait to finish final year. Oh really I did not know this now I really want to go see it”

(Me) “Yes can’t wait for the weekend just going to relax. If you want we should go check out the picture gives us an opportunity to also get to know each other more.”

(Her) “Yh, I was just going to say that would be fun. How’s Saturday?”

You get the point now I will give you a break down on this example. I stared off by talking talking about the information she has given me when I approached her like her final year of uni, she is doing arts and fashion as a degree. I also noticed there was an art piece moved in to the museum thought this could interest her. This also shows I was listening to her and actually care and not just asking her out so I can get laid.

The conversation flows and we continued talking after that. It did not lead to a dead end. Instead there was a build up and she was even more eager and picked a day and time. Also I was matching her text and she was matching mine it was not over done and over invested it was perfect.

Remember the key is not to make her feel like you are only taking her out to get something out of her she will feel this women are very clever and you should not behave like this as it’s not very respectful.

If you are genuine she will be more eager to hang out as it will show in your texts.

More posts to come!

How to get the women of your dreams

How to get the woman of your dreams. Part 3- How to get her number.

❗Please read my pervious post for this post to make a little more sense.

When meeting a woman you have never met before it does make it much harder to talk to her.  You do not know her name or where she’s from. Nothing. This is why it is important to ask the right questions in the right way.

Remember this women you have approached does not know anything about you either. It’s your job to make her feel comfortable enough for her to engage a conversation with you.

Do not expect anything from her!

If she rejects you learn from what you could have done better. Do not take it personally. Some girls are not comfortable talking to strangers due to different cultures, backgrounds and experiences.

Read her body language. If she feels shy or uncomfortable step back a little and point it out you could say “hey there’s no reason to be scared I know it’s random I do not want anything from you, just thought I’d come say hi”.

When approaching girls,  guys tend to get so nervous and scripted that they forget how  to act normal. They do not notice the little things as mentioned above. I have done these mistakes too.

Okay,  I’m going to show you a script of how I talked to girls.  Remember this is based on my personality, my energy and the vibe I give. This is why this worked for me and it’s just a little guideline. I never say this word for word I change it up all the time, but this should give you an idea of what to say, how to never run out of things to say and keep the conversation going. I will do a break down of this and explain why I said the things I said in order to take control of the conversation.

While I’m walking…….I see a girl which I find attractive she’s walking towards me. My heartbeat is like oh shitttt say something!

She’s close enough there’s a good distant between us.

KEEP GOOD EYE CONTACT don’t be freaky with it.

I stop her in a non threatening way and I say …

“Excuse me sorry this may be a little random..

I know it’s a little cheeky but I find you attractive. You caught my eye, thought I’d say hello.

You have this Columbian look about you I think it’s the dress hahaha”

She replies “ah no I am actually Greek, but why do I look Columbian?”

(Me)” Yes, may be it’s the dress or just your look it’s not a bad thing. I have a Columbian friend you match her a little.”

“I’ve never been to Greece I really should go. I heard people there really know how to party.”

She replies “They do but most of the time it’s people from other countries doing all the partying. Us Greeks just watch them having a crazy time.”

(Me) “Yh Yh I bet your the one standing on the table singing songs and just acting like you observe”

She replies “hahaha no no I am a good girl”

(Me) “Yh me to I love to behave and not getting too crazy” *saying it with sarcasm and a cheeky smile*

“You have this creative vibe to you in the way you have you chains and the way your look is. You must be an artist or something?”

She replies “Yes, how did you know haha I am studying fashion and design at university it’s my final year”

“How about you are you a student?”

(Me) “Yes I am a student too, I’am doing business. I know I’m boring but for me it’s having the uni experience learning having fun growing.”

She replies” Yes, I totally agree. I love London and I am having so much fun here. When I finish uni am thinking about doing a master too”.

(Me) “Yh, but think you should take a year have a job really take a break before getting in to master. I have a lot of friends who wishes they took a little break before jumping right back in to uni. Just a suggesting you probably already know what you have planned you look like you do at least hahah”

She replies “Yes, I was actually thinking of working for a little bit then go back in to it later on”

(Me) “Yh, you should do that. But listen I have to go, I have some friends waiting for me and I’m getting late. We should hang out sometime. I enjoyed our little conversation”

She replies “Yh, sure that would be good”

(Me) “I forgot to even ask your name my name is MB”

She replies “My name is Anna”

Take her details, give her a hug and leave.

Text her with your name. I do it right away.

That’s it.

The breakdown:

If you notice I do not directly ask the question to her. Instead I make an assumption. It sounds much better that way and it does not sound like an interview. It does not matter if you are right or wrong, as either way she will give you the information. It is good to make a good assumption based on the observation as when you are right you can really connect with her. Because if you are right it intrigues her even more and if you are wrong she’ll just correct you. Nevertheless, the information you needed comes out without you having to interview her.

It sounds much better than this.

Where are you from?” she replies “Greece

Me “Oh okay. what do you do?”

She replies “I am a student”

Do you see how boring this conversation already sounds and you are only reading this. Imagine for her it does not intrigue her and makes you sound very boring even though you could be a very fun guy with amazing personality. This is why using assumptions keep the conversation more fun. Even when you guess wrong she could either laugh or be offended but it still gets the conversation going.

Don’t just go out making random assumptions really slow down take time to observe. Do not rush! When you’re talking to her you are not on a timer and make sure you make smart observations, like I said if you are wrong it does not matter.

This is how you ask the questions you want in a smarter and less generic way. As you can see from the script one of my assumptions was wrong but I still managed to get the information I wanted. However, my second assumption was correct and the conversation got deeper.

You do  not always have to use assumptions. As you get deeper into the conversation, if you can relate to her or add anything with similar experiences do it. Start having a normal conversation like you would with a friend.

As you can see I also give advice at the end about her Masters. I would do that for any friend also. In her eyes it’s a good gesture and people always love hearing things from peoples experiences. It also shows that I am I’m listening to what she is saying.

She also asked me a question I answered, but if you noticed most of the conversation is all about her and that’s the way I prefer it to be. The less they know about me the better. It’s always good to remain a mystery it entices them to go on a date and find out more about you. Remember women actually do like a good listener.

I also throw in a little jokes but that’s just my personality. I love to have banter like to see if a girl can handle jokes because that’s a trait I find attractive and if she is the girl that I want to see.

It’s always good to be clear about your intention when talking to a girl that you’ve never met because some girls could just think you are being friendly and this can land you in the friend zone.

When I feel like the conversation is getting long enough I normally cut it short as its good to save some for when you meet again. At  the time of the conversation I was actually busy but it’s also good to have a time restraint as you don’t want her thinking that you’re only there to pick up girls and you actually have friends that you need to see.

If I wasn’t busy I would have invited her for a drink there and then and just taken on a date from there.

The conversation was quite good and  we went straight into the conversation from the first assumption I made and therefore forgot to ask each other our names. At the end when I asked for her number I also gave her my phone at the same time this encourages them even more to give their number.

I always give a hug at the end it’s good to get them familiar with your touch at an early stage rather than you randomly touching her on a date.

It is very difficult to put picking up women in an article maybe in the future I could run a Boot Camp and give proper examples.

Stay tuned for more post.

How to get the women of your dreams

How to find the woman of your dreams. Approaching with confidence.

❗Please read my pervious post for this post to make a little more sense.

In order to become successful with women first you must understand yourself and learn to love yourself. We live in a world that promotes perfection and that brainwashes you into thinking being a ken doll is what women prefer, which is completely false. This is just business in order to get you to buy products, clothing and cosmetics. But no more politics I promise. I also just want to point out that this is a topic that is very difficult to put into writing as there is so much to cover, but I’ll try my best.

Let me explain.

In order to be the king at approaching, meeting girls and really make it look easy is first to believe in yourself. This is because if you do not believe in yourself and the values you believe in how can you expect someone else to accept you, if you do not really accept yourself. I have approached women countless times where I was nervous and really did not believe in myself and the women can sense that. It’s not attractive and this is how you might land in the friend zone or the women may even give you their number out of pity.

I am not saying you have to be super confident (Arrogant or cocky ), have a lot of ambition and goals no. Just be yourself! For example, if you are a calm person and likes to take time when talking that’s fine or if you are full of energy and love to talk that’s also cool. Show off your personality, talk to her like you would talk to your friends, if you like to joke around and have banter that’s fine. But remember don’t go all in straight away. Go slow, she’s not going to run away from you and you are not on a timer. Slowly open up and show your personality remember you need to remain a mystery so let her do all the talking. I will talk about what to say and how to get her to do all the talking in the next post, this post is all about approaching with confidence. But remember women like a mysterious man. For example, I approached a girl I got her to open up about her entire life her hobbies, her fav music etc. I only talked about myself when she asked. That’s when I would go in to details but only when she asked or when I felt like I could relate or If I disagreed with something she said. If you feel like you BOTH have spoken a lot get her number or details, as if you spoken to her longer than 5 mins she should be comfortable enough to give you her number. Save some things for when you meet her do not show all your cards straight away.

How to approach

When approaching a girl do not stand there for 5 mins lingering around to build up the confidence to talk to her as I know you may be shy or worried what people around you might think. The difference is you’re the guy who has the balls to do what no other guy can. Keep this in your head. If you see a random girl you find attractive walking down the street, observe something that attracts you to her. If you like her hair or like the way she dresses anything it may be count to 2 seconds and just go for it! Dive in! Do not allow yourself to overthink. Otherwise you will freeze up and your future girl could just walk away.

When you stop the girl try stopping her in a calm and non treating way. You should say “Excuse me” while you keep eye contact to get her attention. Very important, have a cheeky smile not freaky! When you got her attention tell her what you think. I’ve written what works for me underneath, but please add your own personality to it to make it tailored for you. Remember what works for me might to work for you so do not copy word for word.

Hi I know this is a little random but I like the way you dress it reminds me of....” or “I like your shoes ….. ” or “I find you attractive… “ whatever it may be that you like about her.

Moving on this next step is very important!

After you say what you have to say, do not stop and do not wait for her to say thank you. Remember you do not need validation in order to start the conversation. I am sure you have been in a conversation where you told a girl she’s pretty and she’s replied “erm.. thank you“. You don’t want to start it off like that so you carry on talking

For example, “Hey I know this is a little random but I find you attractive and was intrigued to talk to you. I notice you have a Russian look to you.” she might reply “Oh no, I am actually English. What about me looks Russian?”

I will stop that there because the next topic will be about how to use the right questions and assumptions to have a fun and effortless conversation in order for it not to sound like an interview.

How to get the women of your dreams

How to get the woman of your dreams. Part 1- Mindset and intentions

If you are looking to just hookup with girls or play around and disrespect women please STOP READING NOW as this content is to find the women of your dreams by using a skillset which helps you achieve this.

This topic which I will be discussing is a whole new aspect of my life which I faced when I was a teenager and learned through trial and error, and believe me when I say a lot mistakes were made. I will be telling a story of my journey on how I found the woman of my dreams.

Let me explain.

I know you’re probably thinking I’m going to cover how to pick up women, knowing what to say, how to approach etc., I want to talk about these topics later on in my blog, as a lot of pick up artists actually do not tell you the best way to pick up women. They show what works for them and turn it in to a business. I want to explain, from my years of experience, the mindset you need to have in order to be successful with women. I learned this the hard way from many rejections and countless encounters.

Something I would like to mention is that whenever you approach a girl and get rejected it’s never the girls fault it’s something you did in order for the rejection to happen or she may not be into you the same way you’re into her and this is natural. You cannot trick someone into liking you. You can only be yourself.


What do I mean by mindset/intentions? Most guys who want to approach girls are doing it for the wrong reasons, when I started this was me included. The thing is, most guys just wants to get laid. Yes, sometimes you can get lucky when talking to girls. However, in order to get the girls which are 10/10, the women that you see walking across the street and you feel intimidated by. You get that butterfly feeling and you freeze as she walks past and the feeling of regret sinks in as you wish you had approached her. I know a hundred thoughts are in your mind telling you why you should not approach her, but these are the girls I will show you how to approach and have successful interactions with.

The first thing which is very vital is that your mind should not be set on getting something from her such as getting her phone number or social media. In fact this should be the last thing on your mind. I know no matter how hot she may be you need to suppress these thoughts in order have a good interaction. Because remember you would not give your number to someone who makes you feel uncomfortable. She should not feel like you’re a salesperson pitching to her on the street in order to get something out of her. The mindset and intention you should have is just to find out more ABOUT HER and talk-less in order to find out more about her. This is what guys tend to forget. They do all the talking, it’s natural as they get nervous so they talk about themselves peacocking and showing off in order to impress the girl. This rarely works and if it does work for you, you do not want that sort of girl around you for long. Remember the girl should accept you for the values you hold and your personality. However, looks are important too, so fellas be the best you and show confidence!

The idea is to not come across desperate and not going in there with a bunch of questions you may have. There are ways to ask questions to get a better repose rather than making her feel like it’s an interview. This I will get to later on, but today we are purely talking about the intention. This is the biggest thing you need to correct in order to have that amazing connection. If you can get this step right it will allow you to approach women like it is second nature. This also eliminates any expectation you may have when approaching her as even if she rejects you, you had no expectation to begin with.

Before you even approach the girl you need to suppress all the sexual thoughts and have a mindset of “Okay, this girl is obviously attractive I just want to know little more about her”. There has been some cases where I have approached a girl and no matter how pretty she may be when I started the initial interaction I was put of by the information she gave me or her thoughts and views on things or even the way she sounded when she was talking to me. This is when I realised that I was attracted to her before I spoke to her but when I observed her I started to realise the attraction was slowly fading and that HOT girl walking down the street was not as attractive anymore.

Please make sure you think about this the next time you talk to a girl. No mater how much you want to impress the girl just think about your intention with this girl you are about to approach. Make sure you are coming from a place of sincerity and genuenly getting to know who she is. This way you will be able to find out if she’s a girl you would like to know more about and whether she is compatible with you.

Also, if she says she has a boyfriend just move on trust me there are plenty of girls out there. Although, there are ways to get past this but honestly this is not what this blog is about, just move on. This could also be a polite way of saying she is not interested. So remember no means no! Don’t be a persistent salesperson who won’t take no for an answer. It lowers you value and comes across as annoying and unattractive!

The reason why I emphasise on having a clear mindset when approaching women is that no matter how smart you think you may be, women can smell bullshit from a mile away. So if you are not genuinely being yourself and having a clear intention then you sabotage yourself before you even start the interaction. Remember women likes someone who is confident enough to love themselves. They see this through your energy, through the way you speak and through the way you carry yourself. For example, if you give a presentation on something you are passionate about and believe in you do not care what people’s opinions are because you believe in it yourself. This is therefore the mindset you should have when you approach women as this is an attractive trait to have.

My OCD stories

My solution to My OCDs

❗Please read my pervious post for this post to make a little more sense.

With all the OCDs I had I eventually managed to to figure out how to stop nearly all of them. Everything from my tapping OCD to my two step OCD, it did not matter what OCD it was this worked for all of them.

Let me explain.

I started to realise whenever an OCD occurred I would always act on that OCD straight away. I had no self control, I used to rely on the tapping OCD for nearly everything I did. I started to work on my self by self healing and re-evaluating everything in my life. I researched how to have a clear mindset, not let you anxiety overcome you and I looked at what motivated me in life. I started doing things which made me happy and surrounded myself around people who made me happy.

Because I started to notice the OCD was fed by negativity and having bad thoughts. In order for me to move forward, I had to cancel out the negatives from my life. For many people this could be bad influences in life, alcohol etc. However, in my case the problem was me. I made things complicated for myself by overthinking as it made me do my OCD as a way of helping myself into thinking “By doing this OCD the outcome of whatever I about to face or do will be better”.

After this reoccurring trapped feeling I started to realise that I allowed it to happen and was relying on this as a way of creating good things in my life. This was not the way to live and instead I stared to get closer to God. I know you’re probably thinking here we go again another saved by God story, but it’s not. I wanted to find ways to overcome it because I just wanted to feel normal and was frustrated with all my anxiety and OCD. I came to this conclusion as I was late one evening and a friend was waiting for me and due to my OCD I was late. He was not happy and it was not nice making him wait. I started to realise how bad the OCD was and how controlling it was and how it started to affect the people around me. That was when I said to myself “Enough is enough I need to figure out a way to stop this.”

I am not very religious, even though I try to be, but it’s much bigger than that. You don’t have to be religious I just use it as it worked for me. Getting to the point I started to rely on God for my good outcomes and whenever an OCD trigger occurred or I was having a bad thought, which could trigger more OCDs. No matter how bad it got I said to myself I will try to have a good day stay positive and let God handle the rest.

Now the bigger picture is not religion it’s more about letting the universe and destiny do its job. If you really think about it you have no clue about the future the only power you have is to be the best you and love yourself, have confidence and stay positive in order to go through anything and come out the other end still intact.

There where times I had bad days, but those bad days were much better without my OCD. It was a big improvement! However, it’s not easy to just change everything over night. I still did some OCDs, it’s like smoking you have to cut it down slowly. This eventually helped me and in present time I barely haven OCD or anxiety.

I’ll tell you a recent story where I felt anxiety and felt like doing my OCD to stop it from happening. My dad recently got sick he was sent to the hospital my brain instantly went “Oh no, this is your fault if you did your OCD he would have been fine.” I know it sounds stupid, right, but that’s what my brain was telling me. My thoughts started to tell me to do my OCD, this could be tapping on things or stepping in and out of the room in order for my dads situation to be better and by some chance doing my OCD would help the situation.

I could feel my anxiety building up inside but I took a deep breath and said to myself “I am in control I need to stay positive and call home and be supportive, be there with family”. I stayed calm and did not use my OCD. I even made a prayer to God to look over my dad and keep him in good health.

A few hours went by and the doctor tells us the blood test results and the cause for why he was admitted into the hospital was due to his age he had a bad stomach congestion and a lot of gas was trapped, which caused him a lot of pain and that he would be fine if he just took some laxatives. His blood test results came out perfectly fine.

I realised, all this time ever since I was a little child I would let these thought and urges get in the way of me living my life. It took me a lot of my life to realise that things which happen good or bad are not due to my OCD and when bad things happen it’s not my fault and when good things happen I actually deserve them and it’s not because my OCD allowed them to happen.

That being said I know I am much stronger now. A lot of people struggle with OCD and I would be more than happy to talk and help find a solution as I did not have anyone to talk to and I know if I did I might have been better a long time ago. Instead it took me a long time but I just talked to myself to come up with a solution to my OCD.

If this doesn’t help you in any way, shape or form I can promise you there is definitely a way to make this better. You have to be honest with your self and take a leap of faith. I know it’s very difficult to even try stopping your OCD.

I know whatever OCD you might have there is always a solution to each and every OCD no matter how bad it is and no matter how trapped you feel. I never had anyone to talk about this with and I felt trapped for about 13 years. This platform has given me the chance to express myself. If you can relate or know people going through similar situations, I can promise and reassure you I have found a solution that has helped me in my day to day life. This solution came from 13 years of experience with OCD. You are not alone and if you wish to contact me please contact me on Hopefully my solution could help find your solution.

If you want to get professional help you can get psychological therapy normally cognitive behavioural therapy or you can get medication such as antidepressants called selective serotonin repute inhibitors (SSRIs).

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My OCD stories

How OCD leads to depression and anxiety

❗Please read my pervious post for this post to make a little more sense.

My OCD has made feel low, sad and not wanting do anything which I have mentioned in my previous posts.

Let me explain.

At a time it was so bad that I would not want to wear the same clothing if I had a bad day in them. This triggered my anxiety and made me think I would have another bad day if I wear the same clothing.

I would also try avoid watching TV, use my phone, get up to get a drink or go toilet. This is because everything I would do on a daily basis triggered my OCD. This got me in a state of depression as I feel really anxious, sad, scared, frustrated, confused and these feelings made me want to spend all day sleeping in bed.

When I was in school my OCD would even affect my school work. For example, we did our assignments on the computer and I started doing my OCD on the computer keyboard by entering letters then deleting them again. This affected my work and it consumed a lot of my time. It made me feel so low that I didn’t even feel like doing the work.

When I had good days my OCD would become even worse because my thoughts would make me think if I wanted more of those good days I must do more of my OCD.

This was a dark time for me as I had no one to talk to because I felt no one would understand me and I was scared they would think I was crazy. Therefore, I suppressed it and kept my feelings hidden. I felt I was broken and these triggers where really a dark cloud over my head, it affected my mood and my personality. It felt like I was trapped in a small complex box which was submerged in the bottom of a big dark hole. The interior of the box had points and I could not move otherwise I would get hurt.

Image result for booby trapped sharp walls
I felt like this

You do not have to suffer like I did talking about it helps and its much more common than you may think everyone has their own weird OCD.

But like i said it’s all about will power the more negativity you feed your brain it just encourages the OCD even more.

I know whatever OCD you might have there is always a solution to each and every OCD no matter how bad it is and no matter how trapped you feel. I never had anyone to talk about this with and I felt trapped for about 13 years. This platform has given me the chance to express myself. If you can relate or know people going through similar situations, I can promise and reassure you I have found a solution that has helped me in my day to day life. This solution came from 13 years of experience with OCD. You are not alone and if you wish to contact me please contact me on Hopefully my solution could help find your solution.

If you want to get professional help you can get psychological therapy normally cognitive behavioural therapy or you can get medication such as antidepressants called selective serotonin repute inhibitors (SSRIs).

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My OCD stories

How to cope with OCD on your bad days

❗Please read my pervious post for this post to make a little more sense.

When I am having a bad day having OCD does not help! It’s like having an over dramatic frantic friend with you at all times. Whenever I am having a bad day my thoughts make me think it’s due to my OCD. For example, if I had not tapped correctly and missed a sequence of numbers when tapping or I did my OCD routine incorrectly something bad could happen. This is when my OCD takes me on overdrive.🤯

Let me explain.

A bad day for me is when everything is just going bad I even have some bad days of the week, Thursdays and Mondays. On these days where I feel like am going to have a bad day my OCD really takes advantage of that as the negativity feeds it. These days could consists of all kinds of things just not going right, such as having arguments with friends and family, extra pressure and unnecessary drama I even lost a job on a Thursday. Things just happen to pile up one after another.

(Bonus OCD😅) Another bizarre OCD -I will not were the same shirt or socks which I was wearing on that bad day anymore as I feel like they had a negative energy from them which made me have a bad day. If you are thinking do I have lucky clothing such as tops and other clothing the answer is Yes.

The reason why my OCD takes advantage is because I have to make sure everything bad which is about to happen is not going to get really bad. When doing my OCD it helps get rid of that anxiety and heaviness. I could therefore be tapping or doing other OCDs for a really long time just to make sure my day is not worse than it has to be.

Sometimes my OCD is so controlling that I will not look at texts or check emails just incase they are bad. I just want to isolate and lock myself away from the outside world with no contact with anyone. I know you’re probably thinking I am the dramatic and frantic one.

But over a long period of time you start to get used to it, like I have. Here’s a tip always remain positive no matter how bad it is. Otherwise, you will lose yourself in your thoughts and you will never be able to move forward. If you keep getting stuck OCD feeds off of the negativity.

Here’s a trick I use

When your OCD is not playing up as much use that good day and remember it on your bad day and think everything worked out fine on the good day. Use this to help you move forward and make it a little less difficult.

I know whatever OCD you might have there is always a solution to each and every OCD no matter how bad it is and no matter how trapped you feel. I never had anyone to talk about this with and I felt trapped for about 13 years. This platform has given me the chance to express myself. If you can relate or know people going through similar situations, I can promise and reassure you I have found a solution that has helped me in my day to day life. This solution came from 13 years of experience with OCD. You are not alone and if you wish to contact me please contact me on Hopefully my solution could help find your solution.

If you want to get professional help you can get psychological therapy normally cognitive behavioural therapy or you can get medication such as antidepressants called selective serotonin repute inhibitors (SSRIs).

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